Conditions of accommodation

We at Park and Stay are committed to all the guests to be happy and want to come back to us.

Therefore we have put together a list of the conditions that apply when you visit us, really, it is enough with common sense and show respect towards other guests.

Below you can read more about the conditions that apply when you visit the Park and Stays pitches, see it as a little reminder.

 Payment should be done no later than 10 minutes from arrivalpay easily through internet payment or payment machine if available.
 Left location = Consumed location (if everyone is busy when you return), do you have a valid ticket when returning you can off course use this with ticket until the expiration time is reached.
 Use our service room for all household wastewe would ask that you use our bins for recycling, it contributes to a better environment!
 As some guests want to sleep early and later we have a desire to keep a subdued volume between 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
 Accommodation is at your own risk
 One ticket per parking space are needed if two speces are used for example a car with a caravan you need two tickets.
 Water & Wastewater = Use our water/waste station as directed on site
 Fee for unpaid parking space 350kr/day (checked all day around via authorized security companies)

Welcome to us at Park and Stayby showing respect and keep the Quickstop clean and tidy, all  guest get a pleasant stay, thank you for your cooperation!