Welcome to Södra Strand Sjömack

With us, you refuel with petrol and diesel, when the card terminal is open, refueling can take place unmanned with a credit card.

Sjömacken is open every day of the year between 06:00 and 20:00

Fuels available are Petrol (E5) and Diesel (ACP Diesel without RME).
The price is stated in the payment terminal / pump, please note that we only accept card payment and payment is made in the payment terminal on the bridge, no cash or SWISH.
Welcome to us for a simple and trouble-free refueling!


  • The card terminal reserves SEK 1,500 for the purchase of fuel
  • If there is no SEK 1500 in your account, no purchase is allowed
  • The reservation amount is released within 1-2 days of the purchase made
  • If more fuel is desired (in addition to SEK 1,500), the purchase process can be redone if the desired amount of fuel has been reached
  • Follow the instructions on the display and signs and be careful when refueling!
  • In the event of a leak / fire, call 112 immediately and enter Sjömack Södra Strand


Address for GPS input:
Coordinates: 58.53013963437971, 15.036994580852523


Sjömacken’s opening hours 2022:

Every day all year round between 06:00 and 20:00

Tillfälligt höjda priser Motala Södra Strand V24 / Ons-Sön på grund av Vätternrundan

Motala sjömack