Terms and Conditions

Are there any questions regarding our Terms and conditions you reach us most easily in sending an email to: kundtjanst@parkandstay.se

Also see more contact opportunities for customer service in the main menu.

1. Buy / product / service

Purchase of space for vehicles is  done by internet payment at www.parkandstay.se the customer himself checked seat availability on the surface before pay. Customer decides in advance the desired end period for the purchase of the QuickStop and the amount to be pay/charged. The customer register SMS / E-mail address for mailing of receipt and code for access to the facilities/servicehouse.

Customer chooses the time / amount for parking / rental of space and access to facilities at the current rack space leased or owned / operated by Park and Stay AB.

Note that the valid fee only applies to the stand location, the customer selected in the internet payment or the payment terminal provided on the respective area of Park and Stay AB. The responsibility to enter the correct registration registration / internet payment is on the customer. If the customer leaves his place so apply the principle: Left location = Consumed place, if space is available at the return of the amount paid will of course be used until endtime expired.

At Park and Stay, it is only allowed to spend the night in a motorhome/camper. Visby allows campers / motorhome and caravans with tow car / no overnight stay in car.  Overnight in tents , also roof tents is totally forbidden and  will be fined, as well as sleeping in a regular car. Read more about Passenger car class 2 here:

2. Price / currency
All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK)

Prices include VAT at 12%.

No other costs will be debit the customer.

3. Payment / payment terms

3.1 Payment
We use NETS for secure payment with Visa / MasterCard. Read more about NETS NETS

4.Returns, Exchange and Return Policy
Right of withdrawal or return policy does not apply to this type of service in which the service is delivered as soon as you select a desired time / sum for your location / parking of vehicles.

The customer should be aware that there is no withdrawal rights and the obligation to pay arises directly from use of the services at our Quickstops.

Have you as a customer objection to debit or payment made to the Park and Stay AB in writing within a reasonable time contacted via our contact form under “Customer Service” or via email kundtjanst@parkandstay.se
In case of disagreement, we always follow ARN’s recommendations.

5. Repayment
Repayment will be made to your bank account or the way the customer suggests, but not cash. The refund is made as soon as possible from that we have received and accepted your claim. However, always within 30 days.

6. Protection of personal data
In connection with the registration and ordering you agree that we may store and use your information in our operations to complete and provide the service that you expect from us. The PDA (Personal Data Act) you have the right to obtain the information we have stored on you and if you think it is incorrect or irrelevant, you can request correction or removal from our customer database. If so, contact our customer service (preferably by e-mail kundtjanst@parkandstay.se). We also declare that we will not sell or transfer any personal information, but can use them to send publicity regarding our rack locations or services. You, the customer always has the right to refuse you such mailings, and remove from our database if you so desire.Park and Stay AB only uses the necessary information collection for the business, including the storage of the car number, mobile and / or e-mail address as well as necessary personal information in order to complete the purchase in NETS webpayment.


7. Our payment solutions/ Bank and credit cards:

We use NETS as a payment service and  NETS meets the requirements of the PCI DSS. We also use SSL certificates. 

8. Force Majeur
In the event of war, natural disasters, strikes, government decisions and similar events beyond our control which is not reasonably foreseeable, and affects the contractual agreements and commitments on our part, which means that we can not keep that agreement / pledge shall constitute grounds that we released from our obligations to fulfill that contract.

Below are links to the Consumer Agency and ARN where you can read more detail on Consumer Sales and Distance Contracts mm.

All communication including error reporting takes place via e-mail only.