QuickStop for motorhome and caravan in Sweden

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At Park and Stay, you can pay for your stay 24 hours per day on our website with a credit card (Visa/Mastercard). There is no other way to pay, all payment is done at our webpage.


It is NOT possible to pre-book / pay for your place in advance as Park and Stay applies drop.

When payment is completed, the countdown of purchased time begins immediately from the date and time the purchase was completed. Payment is only made online via www.parkandstay.se

Note! If you dont have a ”Personal identification number” just press, ”SKIP” in the web shop.

Code for service booth and receipt are sent via specified e-mail and code and confirmation via SMS.

Be sure to enter the correct registration number!.

We use NETS for secure payments, read more about NETS here: www.nets.se

See terms of purchase for more information on terms and conditions.