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It can be anything from card purchases, tips for improvement, questions about our business, but also landowners / associations who want to join our concept Park and Stay.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

I have paid over the internet, how do I find out the code to service the house?

Answer: The code sent via SMS to the phone number you entered and found on the emailed receipt is sent to the email address specifiedthis code gets you easy access to garbage disposal, etc.

Q: Is it allowed to sleep in a tent/roof tent or my standard car at Park and Stay?

Answer: At Park and Stay, it is only allowed to spend the night in a motorhome/camper.

Visby allows campers / motorhome and caravans with tow car / no overnight stay in two car. Overnight in tents , also roof tents, is totally forbidden and will be fined, as well as sleeping in a regular car. 
Do I pay for one or two sites when arrive with caravan + car?

Answer: All payments are per parkingspace, if you need two spaces you pay for two ticketsthe Internet payment choose only caravans OR caravan + car = double priceyou can then enter the registration number of both the caravan and car, if payment is done in the TVM you need one ticket in the car and one in the caravan.

Question: Can I pre-book seats on the Park and Stays Quickstops?

Answer: No, our mission is to keep the costs down with self-service, therefore we use “drop in” which means that you can not pre-book without first come first served.

Question: Is it safe to pay by credit card over the Internet?

Answer: YeahWe use market NETS that are leaders in e-commerce solutions in Sweden.

Question: Can I pay with coins or fleetcards?

Answer: We offer payment by coins, fleet/ creditcards in our pay machine, you can also pay quickly and easily through our website.

Question: How do you join the Park and Stay as landowners / marina?

Answer: We offer several concepts and partner agreements, and are constantly interested in new storage areas that fit our business. Please send an e-mail to info@parkandstay and we will contact you immediately!

Question: The Pay machine does not work can I stay without pay?

Answer: No, we have several other options to pay for his seatcarefully read automaton direction signs and / or try a different card than the one deniedbe sure to insert the card in the correct directionThere is also the option to pay with coins but especially through the internet directly on our website.

Question: How can you keep such low prices for QuickStop?

Answer: To lease space and invest in payment systemswater connections, garbage disposal and effluent costs of course a lot of money, we have the philosophy to become the largest player for QuickStop in Sweden and know that price is important to our guests.

Therefore, we try with small means to be creative and buy services through local partners and to use self-service to keep prices down.

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