Park and Stay and our business

Park and Stay AB will offer central self service QuickStops in Sweden and the nordic area where mobile home owners can stay at a great price with the services that mobile home owners expect.

Everything shall be be done in close cooperation with the municipality or landowner we lease or rent from the surface, Park and Stay AB offers complete investigations with planning and design of QuickStop spaces..

In addtion to stand space activities, we work to help other companies in nordic region to optimize its sales and increase its market value, including web and marketing communications, we can also offer technical expertise in procurement work and is very used to working with procurements.

Park and Stay collaborates with experts in web, SEO optimization and technology services to always be able to offer complete solutions with the best partners.

Our extensive experience in sales and management means that we also may be helpful in management work in the private sector with board related questions.

For us at Park and Stay AB is a handshake and promises given an honor, we shall always deliver as promised. When we do so we create long term business and gain a strong organic growth in our business.

Welcome as a customer to us!

Mats Monié, Peter Mattsson

Park and Stay AB

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We work constantly to our customers and partners to get help quickly to their questions.

It can be anything from card purchases, tips for improvement, questions about our business, but also landowners / associations who want to join our concept Park and Stay.

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